In the company Mega-Metal d. o. o. we have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers. With such associates we strive for fast development, use of new technologies and are aware of the latest trends in the industry. We use modern programs to achieve superior quality of the products.


3D Solid Edge


To achieve high quality designs we use 3D Solid Edge software, which includes a set of software tools, that addresses all aspects of the product development process.  This allows us to quickly and easily model and it also gives us fast adaptability. Most importantly, it provides us complete control and synchronization with the technology. In this program all orders are processed, as well as the plans and Bills of Materials get ready for the production.



After processing of the order follows the cutting out of individual positions, which is done with software PROFirst. This enables us minimal design time of parts with the minimum amount of material, thus ensuring our competitiveness on the market.


Due to rapid development we seek to find new well-trained associates.

We offer a friendly working environment with great conditions for stimulating payment.