Implementation of the operation within JR P4I - 2022

MEGA-METAL d.o.o. obtained funds for the implementation of the operation "Introduction of a new technological line for edge treatment" through the public tender "Incentives for co-financing of initial investments in less developed areas 2022 - P4I".

The subject of the project is the purchase of a new robotic system for plasma cutting of sheets and pipes and the introduction of a new technological line that will replace the current manual work with a grinder, flame burner and hand angle grinders, and provide high energy and material savings. The project of accommodation and activation of a new technological line for edge processing is an economically indivisible set of activities that fulfill a precisely defined (technical-technological) function and has clearly defined and described goals and measures. With the investment, the company will achieve significant improvements and reductions in negative environmental impacts, both at the equipment level and at the product level.

The public tender is financed by the EU under the Recovery Instrument “Next Generation” (Fund for Recovery and Resilience,

The aim of the public tender is to co-finance investments that pursue the goals of digitalisation and the transition to a low-carbon, circular and climate-neutral economy.

The purpose of the public tender is to co-finance investments of SMEs that demonstrate the material and energy efficiency of production, job creation or maintenance.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the Recovery and Resilience Fund

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